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Big News!Top Ten Events of Xi'an University of Science and Technology in 2021 Released!

DATE:Apr 1, 2022

In the year 2021

We have delivered a perfect "Xi'an University of Science and Technology answer sheet" to the times

Without forgetting our original intention

  The "Top Ten Events of Xi'an University of Science and Technology in 2021" wereOfficially announced  

Let's review the exclusive memories of Xi'an University of Science and Technology

I. Solid development of Party history learning and education to celebrate the centenary of the Communist Party of China

In February 2021, General Secretary Xi Jinping called for Party history study and education throughout the Party.In accordance with the requirements of "learning history to understand theory, learning history to increase faith, learning history to honor virtue, learning history to act", adhering to the principle of leading from above, systematic planning and seeking effective results, the school Party organizations at all levels and the majority of Party members, teachers and students actively respond to the call to promote the work of all aspects of Party history study and education to a high standard.In the spirit of insisting on doing practical things for teachers and students as the footing point of Party history study and education, the Party cadres of the university have done more than 1,200 practical things for teachers and students, of which 48 have been completed by the school-level leadership team and more than 600 have been completed by the school-level leadership team and division-level cadres, including a batch of convenient and beneficial projects such as smart campus construction and sports stadium construction, which have solved many urgent, difficult, worrisome and desired problems that teachers and students were concerned about.The solid development of Party history study and education has made the whole school Party members and cadres, teachers and students receive a profound political education, ideological refinement and spiritual baptism.On the occasion of the centenary of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the university Party committee team and Party organizations at all levels watched the conference to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC, and carried out a series of commemorative activities such as painting and calligraphy exhibition, red film show, theme speech, and "Always Follow the Party to Advance a New Journey", which further gathered the powerful synergy of the whole university to keep the original intention, take up the mission and promote development.On June 28, the national "two excellent and one advanced" commendation conference was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, and Professor Wen Hu of our university was awarded the title of "National Excellent Communist Party Member" and received by General Secretary Xi Jinping.

II. Implementation of the general requirements of Party construction in the new era to further promote the overall strict governance of the arty movement, to deepen the development

The university Party committee has comprehensively studied and implemented the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee and the spirit of the 27th National Conference on Party Construction in Universities, strictly implemented the main responsibilities of the Party Committee in Party construction, followed the general requirements of Party construction in the new era, promoted the comprehensive "strict governance of the Party" activities to a deeper development, and provided a strong political guarantee for the development of education in the university.Adhering to the alignment and grasping the theoretical armament, the university Party committee took the study and implementation of the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee as an important political task, deeply implemented the "six one" action, widely carried out special study seminars and preaching activities, to promote the spirit of the plenary session into the brain and heart.The university Party Committee insisted on putting the political construction of the Party in the first place, and implemented several measures for the political construction of the Party in colleges and universities in a ledger manner, and promoted the important discourse of General Secretary Xi Jinping on education, implementation, self-examination and rectification, and solidly carried out 32 Party regulations self-examination and rectification and special actions for the implementation of the Party's education policy.From late October to late December, the seventh inspection team of the provincial Party committee was stationed at the university to carry out regular inspections.The university's Party organizations at all levels insisted on raising their political status, strengthening their political responsibility and political role, strictly abiding by the inspection discipline, sincerely accepting inspection supervision, actively cooperating with the inspection team to complete the inspection tasks, and receiving a comprehensive political examination.Insisting on strengthening the foundation, the university Party committee grasped the organization construction, deepened the work of "double creation" of Party construction, and was approved 3 model branches of national university Party construction, and 4 model branches of Party construction benchmark faculties and departments in the province.The university Party committee insisted on focusing on correcting the tendency and discipline, and carried out the investigation and rectification of the problems of official vehicles and office premises.In order to build a service-oriented, effective and innovative organ, the university leadership took the lead in making seven public commitments of "diligence, speediness, strictness, practice, perfection, meticulosity and integrity".In June 2021, the university Party committee was awarded as "Advanced University-level Party Committee of the Province".

III. The eleventh Party Congress was held successfully, striving to start a new journey of building a world-class university in the field of energy and security

From December 9 to 11, the 11th Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Xi'an University of Science and Technology was held in the North Campus of Yanta Campus.In this meeting, the important achievements and development experiences since the 10th Party Congress were summarized in a comprehensive and systematic manner. The new mission of the university in the new era and new journey was deeply analyzed from the height of "two overall situations", "two major plans" and "four services". The new mission of the university in the new era and new journey was deeply analyzed. With the new development concept as the leader, the new "three-step" development strategy was scientifically planned, the 100-year goal of "building a world-class university in the field of energy and security" was proposed, and the seven major projects of the next five years, namely, "casting the soul, strengthening the foundation, deep expansion, strong and unique, gathering talents, integration and empowerment" were determined. A new leadership team of the Party Committee and Discipline Inspection Commission was elected. Standing at the new historical starting point, the blueprint for reform and development in the coming period was drawn, the powerful synergy of unity and progress was gathered, and a new journey of high-quality development of education was started.In November 2021, the14th Five-Year Plan for Education Development of Xi'an University of Science and Technologywas published and implemented, which made comprehensive and specific arrangements for reform and development during the 14th Five-Year Plan.

IV. Continuing to build industry-specific and first-class undergraduate education to promote significant improvement of talent cultivation capacity

The year 2021 is the closing year of the "Action Plan for First-class Undergraduate Education" and the "Year of Classroom Teaching Quality Improvement" as determined by the university Party committee.In this year, the university persisted in the "five education initiatives", continuously improved the top-level design of undergraduate education and teaching, and introduced the implementation programs for strengthening and improving physical education, aesthetic education and labor education respectively, further integrating physical education, aesthetic education and labor education into the whole process of talent training.The university has issued the "Implementation Plan for the Construction of First-class Undergraduate Majors" and "Implementation Plan for Curriculum Construction and Classroom Teaching Quality Improvement Plan", and accelerated the implementation of the "Photovoltaic", with great achievements.The university has added 22 first-class courses in Shaanxi Province;the number of engineering education majors certified has reached 16, ranking 7th in national universities;the number of national first-class undergraduate majors has reached 18, ranking 4th in provincial universities.In the past year, the number of undergraduates and postgraduates winning various science and technology and sports competitions at or above provincial level increased by 96% compared with the previous year. 13 alumni won the honorary title of "Outstanding Graduates in Coal Industry in 2021", and Zhang Mengru was awarded the title of "Star of Chinese Students' Self-improvement".

V. Persisting in cultivating the roots, forging the soul, keeping the righteousness and innovation to promote the ideological and political work to a new level

The university has improved the integrated and coherent system of thinking and political work, further implemented theOpinions of the Ministry of Education and Other Eight Departments on Accelerating the Construction of Ideological and Political Work System in Colleges and Universities, continued to promote innovation in ideological and political work,insisted on grasping the main channel of classroom teaching, and solidly carried out the action of "four good" ideological and political courses to create excellence. The university won the second prize of the "National Ideological and Political Theory Course Teaching Exhibition and Excellent Course Observation Activity", achieving a new breakthrough in the national awards for teaching Civics and Political Science courses.Adhering to the idea of building a strong thinking and political science team, the university matched the "three teams" of thinking and political science teachers, counselors and mental health education teachers, and implemented the post allowance of full-time thinking and political science teachers according to the standard of 800 yuan/month, and transferred 14 counselors to the institution establishment.The university insisted on building the main ideological position, developed special research on network ideology work and network civilization construction work, revised and fully implemented the implementation rules of the university's ideological work responsibility system.Moreover, the university has insisted on positive guidance, making the news propaganda work another success and the new media construction and operation effective. The university has firmly grasped the leadership and discourse of ideological work, providing a strong spiritual impetus, ideological guarantee and public opinion support for the high-quality development of the university.

VI. The university is listed in the World University Ranking with remarkable results of "Double First Class University Plan" construction

In the "2022 World University Rankings" released by U.S. News on October 26, the university ranked 1198th in the world, 129th in the mainland and 2nd in Shaanxi Province.In the "2022 World University Ranking for Engineering" released simultaneously by U.S. News, the university ranked 542nd in the world and 101st in the mainland,making it the first time to be included in this international authoritative university ranking, which is an important symbol of the continuous improvement of the university's comprehensive academic strength in recent years.In addition, in the 2021 "Soft Science World Class Discipline Ranking", the university's three disciplines of earth science, chemical engineering and mining engineering are listed, and the total number of listed is 163rd in China.In the "GDI University Ranking of Top Academic Disciplines", four disciplines of the university, namely, safety science and engineering, mineral engineering, geological resources and geological engineering, and surveying and mapping science and technology, made the list.In the Soft Science China Best Disciplines ranking, seven disciplines of the university, including safety science and engineering, mechanical engineering, mineral engineering, materials science and engineering, surveying and mapping science and technology, geological resources and geological engineering, and information and communication engineering, are on the list, and the rankings of five of them have increased to varying degrees from the previous year.

VII. The scale and quality of scientific research has reached a new level, thus empowering innovation for economic, social and industrial development

The university has thoroughly studied and implemented the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping during his inspection in Yulin, especially the instruction of the General Secretary that the coal chemical industry should be "high-end, diversified and low-carbon", comprehensively dovetailed with the national strategies of "double carbon" and "ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin", fully served the high-end development of Shaanxi's energy chemical industry, and actively promoted the work requirements of "strong characteristics, stable advantages and new situation" for scientific research.The university was awarded 84 national projects, an increase of 7 projects compared with the previous year;66 projects were approved by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, including 36 general projects, making the total number of projects, total expenditure and the number of general projects a new record high.At the same time, the university was approved for the first time a major national social science fund project (National Art Fund) and a key project of the National Social Science Fund;1,056 technical service contracts were signed throughout the year, including three projects of more than 10 million yuan;the amount of research funds exceeded 300 million yuan for the first time, an increase of more than 50% over the previous year;the "Shaanxi Coal 5G + Smart Mine" project was successfully landed, creating a model for the transformation and upgrading of the coal industry.Shaanxi Coal Mine Safety Research Institute, Institute of Ecological Environment Restoration in Mine Areas in West China, Shaanxi Energy and Chemical Industry Carbon Neutral Research Institute, Carbon Neutral Future Industry Innovation Institute and other platforms have been established in succession,taking the initiative to integrate into the construction of the "Qin Innovation and Originality" innovation-driven platform, starting 16 science and technology enterprises, 8 of which have been funded.The university was awarded 20 "Spring Seed Fund", with 18 million yuan of funding approved, ranking first in the provincial universities;won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award;won 54 provincial and ministerial level science and technology achievement awards, including 12 special prizes and first prizes.In addition, the emergency rescue team of the university went to Qixia Wushan Gold Mine in Shandong Province and played an important role in the successful rescue of the trapped miners, which was highly recognized by Liu Guozhong, the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee. It encourages the university to strengthen the work of "XUST strength", thus adding impetus to the high-quality development of Shaanxi.

VIII. "Changjiang Scholars Program" breakthrough again to make the high level of faculty construction more solid foundation

The university has studied and implemented the spirit of the Central Conference on Talent Work, cultivated and introduced good talents in all aspects,among which Professor Luo Zhenmin was appointed as a special professor under the "Changjiang Scholar Award Program" of the Ministry of Education, achieving a new breakthrough of national talents.The university introduced a total of 60 talents of various types throughout the year, including 46 talents above the fourth level.The talents' introduction in the past three years and the youth fund projects approved by the National Natural Science Foundation in 2021 account for 76.7% of the total number of similar projects in the university.The university's talent echelon construction is effective, as evidenced by one person being selected as the "2021 Shaanxi Young and Middle-aged Science and Technology Innovation Leader", three persons being selected as the "2022 Young Scientific Stars of Shaanxi Province", and two persons being awarded the "Shaanxi Outstanding Young Scientists Fund".The university's center for post-doctoral studies has steadily improved their quality of operation, including the approval of 15 projects funded by the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, so that the role of "reservoir" of talents is fully utilized.In the past year, the university has been promoting the construction of "teacher morality and style", and advanced models of teachers have emerged, including Professor Li Shugang, who was awarded "Shaanxi Province Model of Teaching and Education", and Professor Li Hongxia, who was awarded the "May Day" Labor Medal of Shaanxi Province in 2021.

IX. Resolutely winning the battle against epidemic prevention and control and working together to protect the lives and health of teachers and students

In early February, local COVID-19 cases emerged in Xi'an, and the outbreak spread rapidly, isolating more than 30,000 students, faculty, staff and family members in their homes and dormitories in place.In the face of sudden escalation control, the university Party committee acted on the order, responded quickly, establishing a mechanism for the school leaders to be subdivided into sections, and setting up a special fire line for the prevention and control of the epidemic on the seven schoolyards of the two campuses. 2,000 Party commandos, student and faculty volunteers and medical workers went out against the grain, holding on to the defense day and night, persisting in the front line for more than 30 days, doing a good job of full nucleic acid testing, comprehensive disinfection, access control management and life services for teachers and students. They did their best to ensure lives and health of teachers and students and the stability and harmony of the campus.In order to ensure the smooth conduct of the "most difficult postgraduate school entrance examination in history", 237 Party members and teachers formed the "Party Pioneer Strike Team" and completed the delivery of examination papers, student transportation and isolation protection for 144 examination rooms, 29 isolated examination rooms and 9 outside examination sites, thus ensuring that 4,711 candidates could take the examination as much as possible, demonstrating the great love and commitment of the people of Xi'an University of Science and Technology in the new era.In accordance with the emergency deployment of the province's education system, all units and special teams of the campus epidemic prevention and control worked closely together to strictly implement the point-to-point "closed-loop transfer" requirements, and quickly and properly completed the transfer of more than 22,000 students from three campuses to their homes, which was highly praised by the majority of students and parents.

X. Continuous improvement of campus environment and solid progress in livelihood construction

Based on the principle of promoting the well-being of people's livelihood, the school is seeking practical things and making practical moves, focusing on the improvement of campus infrastructure and actively carrying out heart-warming livelihood projects, so that teachers and students can share the fruits of development.The renovation project of 12,000 m2plastic venues and nearly 8,000 m2soccer fields in Lishan Schoolyard of Lintong Campus has been successfully completed and put into use; the project of faculty and staff turnover housing in Xiying Road is progressing smoothly, and the construction of Buildings 31, 32 and 33 is steadily progressing, with the construction of Building 32 reaching the 8th floor and Building 33 reaching the 10th floor; the renovation project of access road, sewage network and rainwater network in the garage of the north courtyard has been completed; the "Delivery Lawsuit" of "Tianhao Garden" has won the final judgment in the Provincial High Court, and the court decided to withdraw the property and garage civil air defense area of 9,828 square meters, including 21 sets of residential area of 5,416 square meters;the property certificate procedure of "Tianhao Garden" is successfully implemented, and the repair and renovation project of its underground garage are actively promoted; the elevator retrofitting project of three units of the residential building in the south courtyard is started; meal service is provided for retired old comrades in the south courtyard; free health check-ups for faculty and staff are carried out regularly. The above work has won wide recognition from all faculty members.

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