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Xi'an University of Science and Technology (XUST) is ready to welcome the 14th National Games of China

DATE:Sep 2, 2021

The 14th Games of the People's Republic of China will be held from September 15th to 27th, 2021. Xi'an University of Science and Technology, as a university authorized by the organizing committee to select volunteers and opening ceremony entertainers for the 14th National Games and Paralympic Games among college students, is ready to work for the two Games under the unified arrangement and deployment of the college.

At present, the college has set up special work team to work in the designated area. Hundreds of students have participated in cultural and sports performances. All units and departments are actively devoting to cultural and sports performances laboriously and intellectually for a successful opening ceremony of the 14th National Games.


398 volunteers have been selected to serve the 14th National Games

"I volunteer to be a glorious volunteer for the 14th National Games.I will adhere to and practice the great school spirits of "Solidarity, Diligence, Practicality and Creativity" and the purpose and concept of voluntary service by observing disciplines, following instructions, keeping in mind responsibility and serving enthusiastically so as to present a better Shaanxi for the audience and provide the best service for 14th National Games. Let volunteers' smiles become a sign of Shaanxi. "

In November 2020, the college recruited and selected 398 volunteers for the 14th National Games, and organized online and offline general knowledge training for volunteers with the organizing committee of the National Games.Meanwhile, in order to build a volunteer service team with excellent comprehensive quality and high service level, the school invited professionals from different walks of life to provide special training for volunteers in "cardiopulmonary resuscitation", "volunteer etiquette", and "fire safety". Professionals invited are: director of general practice department in Xi'an Central Hospital, etiquette teachers from Huaxia Shengde Lishang School, and firefighters of Lintong District Fire and Rescue Unit. The work was covered by medias.Head of student volunteer Qiu Yue said: "My work experience can be summed up as enthusiasm, concentration, care and warmth, and I will ensure my enthusiasm infect, inspire and be felt by others and my thoughtful services let them feel at home."



102 student actors participated in the opening ceremony of the 14th National Games

As one of the universities undertaking entertainer selection work for the National Games, the school attached great importance to and actively participated in the opening ceremony rehearsal.Teachers and students involved even gave up their summer break and devoted themselves to intense training in hot weather for more than 100 consecutive days.At present, 102 students in the school will perform as volunteer cheerleaders at the opening ceremony of the 14th National Games.

Han Zhuoyu, one of the performers, said that she felt extremely honored and proud to perform at the opening ceremony, and this experience is a good opportunity to refine her quality and improve her abilityPerformer Li Zhongqing said that this is the biggest and the most meaningful activity he has participated ever in his life, and it's a great honor for him to perform here.



Recently, Xi'an has ushered in continuous rainy weather and the temperature continued to drop. The school always cares about student performers in the training ground,and delivered 102 pieces of cold-proof clothes to them on the afternoon of August 31st, a week before the temperature began to fall.which wins their praises and smiles.Students discuss heatedly," Clothes quality is even better than those of mine.""Wear new clothes to get training just as the temperature begins to fall". "The care given by the school can be felt even when we are in designated areas."

XUST performs excellently in public sports programs.

From August 20th to August 31st, the offline evaluation of public sports programs of the 14th National Games were held in Xi'an Qujiang International Conference Center.Shaanxi team won the first prize of city neighborhood (Community) Group of the 14th National Games Broadcast Gymnastics Team Competition. Ru Tielin, teacher of XUST, and Wang Bo, an alumnus of 2013, participated in the team competition.Wang Bo also served as the flag bearer for the public sports programs of the National Games.

It is reported that three groups including city neighborhood (community) group, rural township group, and enterprise and public institution group are involved in the exhibition project of public sports programs.A total of 242 teams from 29 provinces, municipalities directly under the provinces, centrally administered municipalities autonomous regions, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps and Avant-garde Sports Association participated in the broadcast gymnastics competition.



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